The Crucial Elements

Preparing for an NFT launch feels a lot like stepping onto a rollercoaster. There’s excitement buzzing in the air, a touch of uncertainty, and a sky full of potential. 

But before you get to the thrilling parts, there’s some groundwork to do. Your first steps are about nailing down your values, getting a clear vision, and making sure you’re well-prepared for the ride. 

This first section is about understanding why these elements are crucial and how they can shape the future of your NFT project.

Values Identification

The core of your NFT project is deeply rooted in the values it stands for. The blockchain space encourages creators to be open and community-oriented. Let’s break down what this means:

Trust and Transparency

In an environment where many choose to stay anonymous, revealing who you are and what you aim for can be a strong move. Take the folks behind ‘Bored Ape Yacht Club’ – they were upfront about who they are and what they wanted to do, and this built a strong sense of trust with their community. Transparency is about being clear with your plans and inviting people to join you on this journey.

Vision and Roadmap

Your vision acts like a guiding star. It helps potential investors and community members see where you’re going. A solid roadmap is more than a timeline; it’s a story that tells people what’s coming up next. For instance, ‘Axie Infinity’ laid out a clear roadmap about gameplay and community development, which helped build a strong player base.

Collaboration and Community Input

The cool thing about blockchain is the spirit of teamwork it encourages. Your project should invite conversations with your community. When you open up for community input, you’re gaining diverse perspectives and building a sense of ownership among your community members, which can drive organic growth and support for your


Now, onto preparation. Your NFTs are more than digital assets; they offer real value.

Utility: The appeal of your NFTs goes beyond digital ownership. It’s the utility that can create demand and interest. Look at ‘VeeFriends’; the NFTs there aren’t just collectibles but tickets to real-world events, creating a real value that resonates with holders.

Artwork: While utility is crucial, artwork is what catches the eye. It’s the first thing people notice, and it’s what will make them want to learn more. Your artwork should not just be visually appealing but should echo the ethos of your project. For example, ‘World of Women’ has artwork that carries a message, tells a story, and stands for something.

Technology: The tech side of your project is what will ensure everything runs smoothly. Choosing the right blockchain, figuring out how to mint your NFTs, and picking a platform for sales are crucial decisions that need a close look. Understanding the pros and cons of different blockchains can help you make decisions that align with your project’s goals.

In nailing down your values and gearing up with the right preparation, you’re setting a solid foundation for your NFT project. 

The Launch Process

So, you’ve set your values straight, and you’re all prepped up. Now comes the thrilling part – launching your project. This is where your hard work begins to see the light of day. Let’s dive into what this entails:

Minting Your NFTs: This is the moment where your digital assets take their first breath. Minting is the process of creating your NFTs on the blockchain. 

Indeed It sounds technical, but at its core, it’s your birth announcement to the digital world. You need to ensure that this process is smooth for your buyers. 

They should feel the ease at which they can own a piece of your project. The technical hitches should be sorted out well in advance. Remember, first impressions count!

Alright, your NFTs are minted, but now you need eyes on them. Marketing is your megaphone. It’s how you attract your tribe. You need to create buzz, get people talking, and make sure your project is seen amidst a sea of digital assets. 

It’s not just about flashy ads; it’s about telling your story, sharing your values, and showcasing what makes your project unique. Whether it’s social media, influencer partnerships, or community engagements, your marketing strategy should resonate with your audience and echo the essence of your project.

Community & Sales

Building a Community: Now, this is the heart of your project. Your community is not just your audience; they are your allies. Engage with them, listen to their feedback, and make them feel valued. 

A strong community can propel your project to heights you never imagined. They can be your biggest cheerleaders and your most honest critics. So, create platforms where you can interact with your community, answer their queries, and build a rapport.

Choosing the Right Sales Platform: This is where your NFTs will find their new owners. The platform you choose is crucial. It’s like deciding the neighbourhood for your retail shop. 

Research different platforms, understand their fee structures, user interfaces, and the audience they attract. Your choice of platform can significantly impact the visibility and accessibility of your NFTs.

Comparative visualization of successful and failed NFT projects during the launch phase of an NFT collection.

Case Studies

Learning from real stories of triumphs and missteps can indeed serve as a compass for navigating through the challenges that come with launching and managing these digital ventures. Let’s take a closer look at some of these stories:

Success Stories:

Loot (for Adventurers)

Surprisingly, Loot emerged as a fascinating experiment where the core idea was simplistic yet captivating: selling lists of random adventure-related words as NFTs. However, it was the community’s zeal that transformed this basic concept into a thriving ecosystem.

People purchased these lists, known as Loot bags, and used them as inspiration to craft artworks. The community’s engagement didn’t stop there; they extended the narrative by creating characters, stories, and an entire imaginative world around it. 

This collaborative spirit led to the blossoming of various Loot communities, developer tools, and derivatives, thus enriching the project’s ecosystem and its position in the NFT space​​.

Pudgy Penguins:

Pudgy Penguins managed to create a buzz in the NFT market right from its launch in July 2021, with its collection of 8,888 penguin avatar NFTs selling out in mere 19 minutes. 

This quick sell-out, coupled with some of the rare NFTs fetching prices as high as $463,500. This showcased the strong appeal of the project. Beyond the digital realm, the project also transitioned into the physical world by distributing collectibles in retail stores, thus broadening its impact and revenue streams. 

The project’s success is a testament to how well-executed concepts, paired with a strong community and brand awareness, can create ripples in the NFT market​​.

Failed Attempts:


Frosties serves as a grim reminder of the darker side of the NFT world. Launched with a captivating theme of digital “cartoon ice cream” characters, the project saw investors pouring in over $1.2 million. 

However, the excitement was short-lived as the creators abandoned the project soon after, transferring all the received funds on the same day. 

This action not only left investors in the lurch but also sent out a signal regarding the vulnerabilities in the NFT space, emphasising the importance of due diligence before investing​.


The downfall of Pixelmon unraveled post its art reveal, which failed to live up to the expectations set by their pitch images. 

The disappointment among investors was palpable as the floor prices plummeted, with the project’s founder admitting to having made a “horrible mistake.” 

Additionally, the art quality was a far cry from what was promised, leading to a loss of trust and financial loss for investors. This instance underscores the necessity of transparency and delivering on promises in maintaining the credibility and success of an NFT project​.

These tales from the NFT realm provide a rich tapestry of experiences and lessons, from the boundless possibilities of community engagement to the harsh realities of failed promises and scams. 

By scrutinising these stories, one can glean valuable insights into the factors that contribute to the success or failure of NFT projects, offering a more nuanced understanding of this digital frontier.

Vibrant illustration of community engagement in NFT projects during the launch of an NFT collection.

Post Launch

The launch merely sets the stage; the real narrative unfolds post-launch.

Community Management: Imagine your community as a garden. It demands regular nurturing. Engaging with your members, addressing their inquiries, and sustaining the excitement is essential. It’s the ongoing dialogue, the shared enthusiasm that forms the backbone of your project. Regular updates about the project’s trajectory, upcoming plans, and community events are instrumental. They keep the engagement lively, creating a buzzing environment where ideas flourish.

Revealing Future Plans: Your project is a living entity; it should exhibit growth and evolution. Revealing future plans or expansions can rekindle the excitement among your community. 

The introduction of new NFT drops, establishing meaningful partnerships, or orchestrating community-centric events can significantly fuel the momentum. They not only retain the interest of your existing NFT holders but also allure potential new members. 

Fortunately, every new reveal, whether it’s a partnership or an exciting event, infuses a fresh wave of enthusiasm. It fosters a conducive ecosystem for ongoing engagement. Through these iterative steps, the narrative of your project continues to evolve. 

The post-launch phase is about cultivating a culture of continuous engagement, ensuring your project not only sustains but thrives in the dynamic NFT landscape

Final Thoughts

Stepping into the NFT space is exhilarating. From prepping to launching, learning from others, and maintaining the momentum post-launch, it’s a whirlwind of experiences. 

Each phase is a treasure trove of lessons and insights. The digital realm of NFTs is vibrant and ever-evolving, and as you navigate through it with a solid foundation and an open mind, who knows what amazing adventures await your project. 
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