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Tokenising Your Real World Assets via the Asset Workx App

The Asset Workx App has been designed to help you easily manage and organise your digital and physical assets.


The automatic tokenisation of products at point of sale via our eCommerce plugins and the ability for consumers to tokenise their own real world assets (self certify) via our simple to use mobile app, will help to improve the way we own and manage our personal and valuable real world assets such as Art, Collectibles, Cars, Electronics, Fashion, Jewellery, Watches etc.

Improve Asset Management

Tokenizing real-world assets streamlines asset management by digitizing ownership records, facilitating automated transactions, and reducing administrative overhead.

Improve Asset Proof of Ownership and Transparency

Tokenization provides a transparent and immutable record of ownership on the blockchain, ensuring clear proof of ownership and enhancing transparency in asset transactions.

Improve Estate Planning and Inheritance

Tokenization simplifies estate planning by digitizing asset ownership and enabling seamless transfer of ownership to heirs through digital tokens, facilitating smoother inheritance processes.

Improve Proof of Product Authenticity

Tokenizing assets enables the creation of unique digital certificates linked to authentic products, allowing consumers to verify the authenticity of goods and mitigate the risk of counterfeit products entering the market.

Enhanced Liquidity of Personal Physical Assets

Tokenization allows owners to fractionalize their assets, unlocking liquidity by enabling the sale of fractions on digital platforms without relinquishing full ownership.

Improved Insurance Cover and Claims

The tokenisation of assets can bring a range of improvements to the insurance industry including Transparent Ownership Records, Enhanced Risk Assessment, Automated Claims Processing, Faster Settlements, Improved Fraud Prevention and Improved Customer Experience.

How It Works

Simple Sign Up
Simply Sign Up/Login with your Email or Social Media Account.
Automatic Wallet Generation
The app will automatically generate you a Solana and EVM Wallet.
Link Other Wallets
If you already have other wallets you can link them easily.
View Digital Collectibles
Easily view all your digital collectibles across multiple chains.
Tokenise Your Assets
Easily log and mint your own real world assets on the blockchain.
View/Manage Your Assets
View and manage all of your personal real world assets in one place.
Earn Points
Earning points by logging assets and completing simple tasks.
Insure Your Assets (Coming Soon)
Get instant insurance quotes for your personal real world assets!