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Welcome to this month’s edition of the NFT Workx newsletter – with lots of exciting updates and announcements!

In this edition we will cover: 


      • Narrative Updates 

      • Pitch Competition Updates

      • Marketing Updates 

      • Product Updates

      • Timing: Bull Run


    Narrative Updates

    “Tokenizing Real World Assets via eCommerce and Mobile Apps”

    The NFT Workx product vision started out around 18 months ago, where we began the development of the Asset Workx App – the idea was to enable people to organise their valuable physical assets within a simple to use app, and mint these assets (tokenize) as NFTs on the blockchain. Helping to improve asset authenticity and ownership transparency.

    We then expanded this vision with the ideas of tokenizing new products at point of sale, via the most popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify & WooCommerce, with the aim of onboarding millions of users into Web3, in a seamless and familiar way.

    And we were clearly onto something…

    On the 19th March, Blackrock, the world’s largest asset manager announced its $10 Trillion Tokenization Vision and the Future of Real World Assets! Blocktock believes that tokenizing real world assets is the future and NFT Workx has positioned itself right in the middle of that narrative 🙂


    Pitch Competition Updates

    After winning the Solana BuildStation Manchester Pitching event, NFT Workx were invited to the Solana Renaissance Hackathon, which ran March 4 2024 – April 8 2024.

    More than 1000 projects were submitted so it is a very competitive event.

    Winners will be announced the first week of May 2024!

    Hackathon winners will be considered for Colosseum’s accelerator program. Accepted teams will receive: $250,000 in pre-seed funding.

    Whether we win or not, we are now in the Solana ecosystem and community which is key for project, product and token growth!


    Marketing Updates

    Interview with Joe Luby from The NBA’s Dallas Mavericks

    In my latest executive roundtable, I had the pleasure of interviewing Joseph K Luby, of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, where we discussed how the ‘Mavs’ are pioneering the future of fan engagement. 

    As always, the full video interview will be available in a month or so, but we have created a blog post that includes the core of our discussion which you can view here:


    Upcoming Interviews

    Amiel Walia – VP @ Asia Football, former FIFA and Arsenal

    Dean Ahmed – CEO Fine Edge sports & entertainment


    Product Updates

    The latest version of the Asset Workx App has now been submitted to both Apple and Android App stores for approval.

    Since our last newsletter there has been a number of significant additions and improvements to the app including:


        • Profile: Wallets/Points/Collectibles/Assets/Member Level

        • Wallets: Auto Generation of an EVM & Sol Wallet + add your  Metamask/Phantom/Trust Wallets

        • Points: Earn points for App usage: Log Assets/Link Wallets/Social Follows etc.

        • Collectibles: Multichain inc Solana NFTs, Spam Filter

        • Assets: Log Personal Real World Assets, minted on Solana:

      We hope to have this version approved by the 1st May at which point you will be able to download the app and try it out for yourself!

      Timing: Bull Run

      You will have often heard us say “It’s all about timing…” and this is because it is! Over the last 2 years, during a long and cold bear market, NFT Workx has been working hard to develop and build its products ready for the next cycle…and we’ve done it! 

      – Bitcoin Halving Has Happened!

      – The ‘Unofficial’ Bull Run has begun!
      NFT Workx Status:

      – WRKX Token Launched
      – Mobile App Complete
      – eCommerce Platform Complete
      – Solid PR from Pitch Competitions & Exclusive Interviews

      So we couldn’t be in a better position at a better time!!! Now it is time for us to start to build our users and customers for our products, to help drive adoption and of course our token price.