Digital Collectibles (NFTs) for Creators & Artists

Over the last few years NFTs and Digital Collectibles have surged in popularity along with Crypto, Web3 and the Metaverse. But as with any new technology, it can often be confusing or complicated for the mass market to adopt, and this is what NFT Workx aims to solve.


There is a lack of understanding for both creators and their fans when it comes to Digital Collectibles (NFTs).

Although art has been at the forefront of the NFT revolution, the majority of NFTs thus far have been focused purely on the digital art element with a disconnect from physical art. 

Currently NFTs are mainly purchased on NFT marketplaces which are separate from your own brand website, are often complicated, and not suitable for your average consumer.

There is also the challenge of having to purchase NFTs with Cryptocurrency and the need for a Web3 Wallet. All of which can be barriers for both creators and their fans.


We believe that connecting a Digital Collectible to a physical item is a key element to solve the challenges and making the process of obtaining the NFT as seamless for the consumer as possible.

With our system your fans will no longer need to visit specialist NFT Marketplaces – they will simply visit your current website as they would normally do to purchase your art.

When they add your physical artwork to the shopping cart there will also be an option to either purchase or claim the ‘Digital Collectible’ (NFT) version also.

They checkout as normal and pay for the items with their usual payment method (no crypto or wallet required).

Artist/Creator Process

Create an NFT Workx Account

Install the NFT Workx App into your eCommerce platform

Select the products you want to create Digital Collectibles for

Add any special benefits/utility to the Digital Collectible

Set the price or offer it for free

Consumer Process

Visits your website as they would normally do

They add an item to the shopping cart on your website

Option to purchase / claim the ‘Digital Collectible’ version

Checkout as normal and pay with usual payment method

Digital Collectible is emailed or sent to their wallet



  • No Web3 technical expertise required
  • Easily create Digital Collectibles of your products
  • Provide more value to your consumers
  • Create an additional revenue stream
  • Provide a seamless and familiar experience for your consumers
  • Protect your products and brand intellectual property


  • No cryptocurrency or wallet required to purchase
  • Concept of a Digital Collectible is easy to understand
  • Digital Collectible is also a receipt/proof of purchase and product authenticity
  • Digital Collectible can be ‘Worn’ in the Digital World / Metaverse of the future
  • Ability to trade/transfer/sell the Digital Collectible

Register Your Interest

If you are interested in selling Digital Collectibles (NFTs) of your products and being at the cutting edge of this new technology, but with very few barriers to market then please register your details below to be notified of when the system will be ready.