Our NFT Services


NFT Starter Package

Everything you need to get your NFT project started, including consultation, strategy, minting, marketing, promotion, legal and project delivery.

NFT Consultation

Just starting out or already have a project ready to go but need some support? Purchase NFT consultation time by the hour as required.

NFT Paid Ads Campaigns

Need help to promote and market your NFT project? We can set up and manage paid ads campaigns across multiple platforms and sites.

AirDrops / Competitions

A great way to get your NFT project exposure is via AirDrops and Competitions. Let us set up and manage the entire process from start to finish.

Telegram / Discord

Telegram and Discord are becoming the most popular and effective way to build a community around your project. We offer set up, bots, moderation and management.

Press Releases / PR

High quality and professionally written press releases that are distributed to relevant press channels is another key element in getting your project exposure.

Digital Artwork

We can create bespoke 2D and 3D, static or animated digital art including player cards, avatars, characters, wearables and more.

NFT Collection Design

Looking to create a large digital collection that has rarity, layers and uniqueness? Our in-house design team can design collections from 1-10,000+.

Promo Videos

A promo video is a great way to tell the world about your project in a quick and effective way. Our team can create a slideshow video or animation.

Our NFT Starter Package

We have many years experience in blockchain and crypto and have been working with NFTs since 2021 and so we use this knowledge to do the hard work for you.

We understand that new technologies can sometimes be difficult to understand and this often creates a barrier to entry. To remove this and help more people get involved with NFTs we created our NFT Starter Package where we charge nothing upfront. No consultation fees, no gas fees, no listing fees – we take all the risk, spending our own time and money on the project and in return we take a commission on the final sale value of a successful auction/listing.

This enables you to launch your first NFT collection, learn about the process and the industry and means you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Starter Package Process

Our NFT Starter Package process works like this:

1. Review/Audit of Your Work

Our team will review your brand and work and where this can fit within the NFT world.

2. NFT Strategy & Plan

We will create a strategy on how to maximise the NFT opportunities identified during the review.

3. Create/Mint the NFTs

Once the strategy is complete we will create (mint) your NFTs collection and add any lockable content/utility.

4. Create Listing/Auction

Once we have listed your NFTs on a NFT marketplace we will then launch as an auction or fixed price sale.

4. Marketing & Community

We will promote your project across our social media channels and press contacts.

5. Transfer of Payment

On a successful auction or sale, we will then transfer you the funds minus any fees and commission.


NFTs can offer a wide range of benefits including:

Attract New Buyers

NFTs are listed on specialist NFT marketplaces that attract buyers from all over the world.

New Revenue Streams

Generate new revenue streams by selling different types of NFT collections of your work / brand.

Earn On Future Resales

Earn a % of ALL future resales of your NFTs providing you with future recurring revenue.

No Technical Knowledge

That’s where we come in. We will take care of all aspects of the project from planning, minting, launching and marketing your NFTs.

No Upfront Costs

With our Starter Package you pay nothing upfront. We cover all set up costs and fees, giving you a risk free start into the world of NFTs.

Zero Risk

With no financial outlay you are taking zero risk. If your NFTs don’t sell, it costs you nothing. If they do, then everyone benefits.

We Help


– Create/Sell NFTs
– Build Your Brand
– Promote Your Art
– Add Utility to Your NFTs
– Build Your Community


– Create/Sell NFTs
– Build Your Brand
– Create/Sell Merchandise
– Add Utility to Your NFTs
Attract More Fans


– Create/Sell NFTs
– Build Your Brand
– Promote Your Music
– Add Utility to Your NFTs
– Attract More Fans

– Create/Sell NFTs
– Build Your Brand
– Promote Your Books
– Add Utility to Your NFTs
– Build Your Community


– Create/Sell NFTs
– Build Your Personal Brand
– Promote Your Content
– Add Utility to Your NFTs
– Build Your Community


– Create/Sell NFTs
– Build Your Business Brand
– Promote Your Product/Service
– Add Utility to Your NFTs
– Build Your Community