Jasenko Dordevic – Genesis NFT Collection

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Welcome to the Genesis NFT drop from Miniature Sculptor Jasenko Dordevic (TOLDArt).

Jasenko is an artist from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina who deals in a specific line of art called miniature sculpting, where he carves sculptures out of graphite in a pencil.

Artist Name: Jasenko Dordevic Website
Artist Type: Sculptor Twitter
Years of Experience: 12 Instagram
Exhibitions: 40+ / Awards: 3 Facebook

Project Name: ‘The Fist’ (Solidarity with Ukraine)
Project Type: 2D NFT / 3D Animated NFT + Actual Sculpture

‘The Fist’ NFT Drop Details:

Format: Price WRKX Tokens
AirDrop x 10 Free N/A
Whitelist x 10 0.01 ETH 1000
Whitelist x 20 0.02 ETH 1000
Whitelist x 10 0.03 ETH 1000
Auction x 1 1 ETH 10,000


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Users who get whitelisted will be emailed once the NFTs are available to purchase.

The quickest users will get the NFTs at the lower price points. 

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    $WRKX Tokens:

    Everyone that purchases an NFT will get first access to future drops and collections and will also receive 1000 $WRKX tokens for free! (Note: WRKX Tokens will be sent to the users wallet address once the token has been launched on the exchange).

    Project Description:

    ‘The Fist’ was sculpted by Jasenko and inspired by the war in Ukraine. With more than $100 million received by Ukraine via Crypto donations, Jasenko decided to create a full 3D digital animation of ‘The Fist’ as an NFT.

    Jasenko, who himself experienced great trauma and loss during the Bosnia War between 1992 and 1995 is determined to use his art to not only bring awareness to the conflict but to also raise money by donating a % of the sale directly to Ukraine.

    The donation will be made to help support Ukraine Children via UNICEF.

    As conflict continues to escalate in Ukraine, millions of children and their families are in danger. More than 12 million people have now fled Ukraine, with the number expected to climb.

    ‘The Fist’ – 2D NFTs

    We will mint 50 x 2d NFTs of ‘‘The Fist’ with the first 10 x NFTs being AirDropped to 10 lucky winners of the competition. The remaining 40 NFTs will be available to Whitelisted users on a first come, first served basis and will also include 1000 $WRKX tokens.

    3D Animated NFT + Physical Item NFT Auction:

    The 1 of 1 3D animated version of ‘The Fist’ NFT will also include the actual physical miniature sculpture.

    The auction starting price will be set at 1 ETH.

    The Auction NFT will include the original 3D digital animation file, 5 high definition photo files of the sculpture and the actual miniature sculpture, presented in a premium gift box.


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