WRKX Token Pre-Sale Whitelisting

To get whitelisted for the $WRKX Token Pre-Sale launch on Pinksale in May 2023, simply enter your Wallet Address below:

    The minimum contribution for the Pre Sale is 0.1 BNB. Please indicate your expected contribution amount in BNB:

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    Token Name: WRKX Token
    Token Symbol: $WRKX
    Token Address: 0x6aD0b271F4b3D7651AE9947A18bae29ca20d83eB
    Type: Binance Smart Chain (BEP 20)
    Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
    Pre-Sale Date: 12th-20th May 2023 (Pinksale)
    Expected Launch Date:
    20th May 2023 (Pancakeswap)

    !! WARNING !! Scammers are EVERYWHERE. ONLY pay attention to information posted on the WRKX TOKEN OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT CHANNEL: https://t.me/nftworkx

    TO QUALIFY for the WRKX Token Whitelisting Event, you will need to follow the steps below:

    STEP 1: Add BSC Network to your Wallet

    STEP 2: The WRKX Token Team will add your details captured in this form to verify you for the Whitelisting opportunity to purchase the WRKX token on Pinksale.

    STEP 3: On Launch day please keep an eye on our Announcement Channel for when the WRKX Token goes live on Pinksale.

    STEP 4: Be ready to CLICK! First come first serve with limited tokens available

    STEP 5: You got tokens – CELEBRATE! If you didn’t click fast enough, keep an eye on our Announcement Channel for when WRKX Tokens go live on PancakeSwap.

    Being added to the Whitelisting does NOT guarantee that you will receive tokens, there will be a limited supply of tokens available and you will need to be on the Pinksale Launchpad when it goes live.

    In the event of the Whitelisting selling out on Pinksale, please connect to Pancakeswap (https://pancakeswap.finance/) and purchase WRKX Tokens as soon as it goes live.


    * You agree to the fact that we will not in any way, legally or otherwise, be held responsible for your investment.
    * You have done your own research before investing.
    * You understand that crypto currency investment is risky and you may lose everything.
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    * By using or accessing this form including the investment opportunities provided therein, you are accepting all the terms of this disclaimer notice above. If you do not agree with anything in this notice you should not use/access this form or invest.

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