Stardom Chance

Stardom Chance was formed with one premise in mind – to give talent a real shot at making it on the big screen and to give people who want to work in the greatest industry in the world a chance to do just that, – a real and fair chance.

The Stardom Chance Genesis NFT Series, STARBabies, is a limited collection of NFT art based on iconic film characters. Your unique NFT art is your digital Stardom Chance Guild membership card that also gives you exclusive VIP opportunities in the making of their films.

The Stardom Chance Genesis NFT Series


Membership has its privileges, and a Stardom Chance Guild STARBabies NFT is packed with them! Stardom Chance Guild membership and STARBabies NFTs are full of A-List, front-of-the-line, behind-the-velvet-ropes experiences and perks!

In addition to the unique physical membership card, which holds virtual access to your NFT image, your Stardom Chance Guild STARBabies NFT could hold the rarity key to A-Lister worthy experiences like an actual speaking role in a Stardom Chance Studio Partner production, the chance to shadow the Director or Producer on set during a live movie production, visit the movie set and meet the cast & crew, or maybe have dinner with the director, producer or star.

Basically, every STARBabies NFT holds more treasure than the lower deck of Jack Sparrow’s ship. Stardom Chance Guild members have exclusive access to all the perks you ever wanted, but thought you’d never have the connection to!


Stardom Chance NFT Features

3.5% of STARBabies holders are guaranteed an actual speaking role in an upcoming Stardom Chance Studio Movie.

5% of STARBabies holders are guaranteed a ticket to attend a Stardom Chance show taping.

10% of STARBabies holders are guaranteed an in-person opportunity to visit a Stardom Chance Studio movie set (conditions apply) .

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10% of STARBabies holders are guaranteed a ticket to a Stardom Chance Studio movie premiere (conditions apply).

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10% of STARBabies holders are guaranteed an opportunity to attend a Stardom Chance Studio movie wrap party (conditions apply).

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25% of STARBabies holders will have virtual access to film wrap parties and virtual attendance to Stardom Chance Studio movie premieres.

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100% of STARBabies holders will have the opportunity to attend a virtual Master Class with directors and producers of feature films.

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100% of STARBabies holders will receive discounts on Stardom Chance events, merchandise and discounts on Stardom movie tickets.

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100% of STARBabies holders will receive a Stardom Chance Guild NFT cold storage card and have lifetime access to stream all Stardom Chance Studio movie productions.

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Stardom Chance NFT FAQ's

How Do I Get My Stardom Chance Guild Membership?

These memberships are already creating a buzz…. and in the crypto/digital asset game it’s best to be in front of the line. Because there are a limited number of A-List positions, you’ll want to grab your spot ASAP. A-List registration is open from July 12, 2022. Secure your A-List spot as soon as you can by clicking here.

Once you’re on the A-List, you will be notified by email/text to remind you of the 24 hour mint period, which opens on Tuesday, July 26, starting at 12:00pm (noon) pacific.

Why is A-List registration so critically cool?

It’s the ultimate “Velvet Rope” Pass. Once you’re registered on the A-List, you will have an exclusive, pre-public, 24-hour whitelist window to purchase your STARBabies NFT and secure your Stardom Chance Guild membership before the Public Sale. A-List spots are limited, and once they are gone, everyone else will have to compete on the open market for a STARBabies NFT.

Once you have secured your spot on the A-List, you will receive reminder emails and text messages with instructions for how and when to mint (aka: purchase) your STARBabies NFT.

The A-List Mint price will be $250USD, public sale price is $300USD. Purchases can be made by Credit Card or Crypto (on the Polygon Matic chain) If you miss the A-List Mint deadline at 11:59am Pacific, July 26th your whitelist allocation will automatically transfer to the Public Sale platform and there is no going back from there, even if you click your heels and say “There’s no place like A-List, there’s no place like A-List”.

A-List Steps:

  1. A-List (Whitelist) Registration July 12-25.
  2. Whitelist Mint opens July 26th at 12:00pm Pacific and closes July 27st at 11:59am Pacific (24 hours)
  3. Public Mint July 27st opens at 1:00pm Pacific 
  4. Stardom Chance NFT Reveal July 30 (Zoom and YouTube live)

What if I miss the A-List Mint?

Once the A-List Mint period is over, the remaining available Stardom Chance NFT Guild Memberships move to Public Sale. STARBabies Public Sale will be $300USD and you can use a Credit Card or Crypto Wallet (Polygon Matic chain).

Public Sale Steps:

  1. Public Mint July 27 opens at 1:00pm Pacific 
  2. Stardom Chance NFT Reveal Party July 30 (Zoom and YouTube live)

STARBabies Reveal:

Join us for a reveal like you’ve never seen before. This is where the fun really starts! Join the rest of the STARBabies NFT Holders as your NFT placeholder image magically reveals your individual unique NFT and you’ll see all your rarities. No matter which rarities your unique STARBabies NFT has, they immediately make you as uber-cool as a Hollywood Diva on the red carpet!

How much do they cost?

  • A-List: $250USD | Pubic Sale $300USD
  • Currency: Credit Card or Crypto (Polygon Matic)

If I pay by Credit Card how will I claim my STARBabies NFT?

If you pay via Credit Card, Stardom Chance will hold your NFT in a secure custodial wallet until you are ready to transfer it to the digital asset wallet of your choice.

How many Stardom Chance Guild Memberships are available?

Total Stardom Chance Guild STARBabies NFT Mint is 10,000

Can I own more than one Stardom Chance NFT?

Yes. While the launch of the Stardom Chance NFT series will have a limit of 10 per qualified registered A-Lister, there are plenty of opportunities to purchase additional STARBabies NFTs on the many public NFT marketplaces.

Can I sell my STARBabies NFT?

Yes, there are numerous public NFT marketplace platforms for “after-market” sales. Check out for an example of one of the most active open market platforms for NFTs.

Can I transfer/gift my STARBabies NFT?

Yes, because NFTs are controlled by smart contracts on the blockchain transferring or gifting an NFT is as simple as depositing the NFT into another crypto currency wallet.

The Film Production(s)

This could be YOUR movie!

We’re making movies…hopefully with you. Every role required to make our movies will be filled entirely by Stardom Chance members. Starting with the Screenplay, then selecting the right Director, followed by the majority of the Cast and Crew.

We believe there is untapped talent out there, and we believe that talent could indeed be you.

General FAQ's

What exactly is Stardom Chance?

It is a great new disruptive way to break into Hollywood. An analogy is Star Search meets American Idol for the movie business.

How does it work?

Stardom Chance creates a movie, a real feature film, with every 2500 registrations/members. You submit your performance reel or script and only
compete against precisely the number in your category (detailed below), reducing the odds from 1 in millions to 1 in 300 or less. Pretty awesome, huh?

What exactly is the breakdown by position?

We are looking for a great script out of 300 registrants, a great director out of 300 registrants, and great leading actors/actresses of 150 registrants. Your cost of entry is $99 for Writers and Directors—–FREE for ALL other positions in our first film. This buys you a cool NFT exclusive only to your category which has the potential to be valued way more than the cost of entry over time…with a ridiculously fair shot at making it onto the big screen. There are other perks also, read on for further details.

Why can't I buy more positions at $99?

Because Stardom Chance doesn’t want someone “buying” their way into this movie. Each registrant is allowed to purchase 2 (two) “positions” (in different categories – ex. Director &/or Writer) at $99.00 each, increasing your odds by obviously displacing another potential registrant. Of course, each $99.00 also buys another NFT. With so few registrants, we want to give everybody we can the same incredible opportunity and that’s why we are limiting each person to two Stardom “chances”.

What if I want to look at other registrants in my section and see who they are and what their product/talent is?

At Stardom Chance, we believe that each person should focus on their unique strengths and not be focused on others. However, Stardom Chance will offer an optional “members lounge” at $99.00 per year that will give you unlimited access to everyone in your category and in all other categories as well. To protect the privacy of our members (you included), you cannot get a phone number, address, or e mail, etc. but you can see who else submitted registrations in your category, look at their resume, read their script logline, and understand who you’re up against and/or who we have selected in which category. If you want to actually contact one of the other members, you would do it through Stardom Chance as the intermediary and we’ll be happy to make the communication on your behalf and connect the parties if both parties are willing. Note that the “members lounge” may also help you get work in the entertainment industry, appraise you of happenings in your specific niche, give you great tools to possibly further your career. Essentially Stardom Chance wants to be a great asset in your quest for work in the greatest industry in the world.

What if I just want a job at Stardom Chance and want to work hard here? How would that work and what are my chances?

The company is looking to keep a solid team, our crew, and use that team on all movies. There will be over 30 slots to look at with respect to crew positions. You will be judged based on talent and integrity. As each 2,500 threshold is attained, we will be doing more and more movies, sometimes many at one time. In that event, we may in the future expand our “in house” universe and hire more team members.

What if there’s no way I can get off work for 1 - 2 months to do this?

Then don’t send Stardom Chance your $99 if a Director submission and don’t send us your performance reel as an actor/actress.. Save your money and time and respect our time. We need serious people here; this is Show BUSINESS. Movies can be a lot of fun, but this is also a serious business and on any single film there are dozens of cast, crew, staff, support and vendors who all have to be 100% committed or the film could shut down. If you’re selected as crew, we expect you to make a commitment and participate fully and take this seriously. On the talent side (depending on the role) you would probably only need to commit from 2 or 3 days (for a day player role or supporting actors) and commit up to 15 or 20 days for the lead actors.

What if I register and don't get selected as a Writer/Director? Do I have to pay $99 for the next Stardom Chance movie when new registrations open up?

Yes, but Stardom Chance is working on a possible future “referral” program where you get a FREE registration based on the number of registrants you bring in. There are also discounts available per submission of 10% and more and you, of course, will receive the coveted NFT’s which could be VERY valuable.

We are sensitive to the fact that $99 is a lot of money to some people and we want this to be accessible. That’s the whole point. At the same time, we need your registration fee (which we believe is fair) to make YOUR movie. It’s a delicate balance, but hang in there. We are all on the same team here!

What is the connection between the lead actor/actress on the movie and a comic book character?

At Stardom Chance we love comic book characters and superheroes. One of our founders even tried to buy Marvel. He also knew the late great Stan Lee. And, we figured it would be cool to take the lead characters from each movie and make a male superhero out of that character and do the same thing for a female. There are potential future plans to take parts of the movie and adapt it into a comic book or possibly make the lead characters into superhero figurines or bobble heads, etc. Now you may ask why would Stardom Chance spend time and money to do this? The answer is all about marketing and promotion and MORE opportunities for YOU.. Stardom Chance wants to find the very best talent in the world, make the best movie we can and then market and promote the movie like crazy. So, this is part of our future plans. In the here and now, apply for glory….get made into a comic book…..Stan Lee would be proud.

Is there anything like Stardom Chance in the world today?

You tell us. We couldn’t find anything even close! You can’t compare any current film festival or screenplay competition to Stardom Chance. We are totally unique. Stardom Chance was conceived and created by a frustrated writer who was tired of getting ripped off or screwed over by the Hollywood system. Our Founder and CEO (Jeff Vanderpol) designed this for YOU. We figure it’s time someone stood up for all the “Rockys”, the “Rudys”, the underdogs everywhere. We’re okay being the odd man out, as long as it means you get a shot to show us what you have. Let’s show the world together what talent you have. We Know there are some scripts and music and talent out there. Lets do this!

Is the selection process at all random?

The selection process is 100% subjective…not random at all. We will not ask any questions about your age, race, religion or sexual preference.

If you pick me to be the lead actor/actress, how do I get paid, when do I get paid and what must I do?

If you’re selected to be the leading actor or actress, we will notify you within 6 to 8 weeks after reaching the maximum 2,500 registrations. Stardom Chance will email you a packet to explain everything about the script and the movie we will be shooting. We will pay your way to the set, from wherever you are, flying you in by coach (sorry, we’re on a budget here) and put you up in a hotel (again, NOT the Ritz….you think?) , for the duration of your shooting days. You will be paid at least the most “up to date” SAG AFTRA minimum rate (for the days worked or on a week contract) and we will accommodate all meals while you are working or “on set”. All these details will be in writing in a formal agreement (we do what we say we will and always put everything in writing!). You will be paid within 2 weeks (or within 14 business days) after your last work date. You will receive screen credit (as outlined in the agreement) and you, of course, will be invited to the “wrap party” and to the red-carpet movie premiere. Pending the success of the film, you may even be invited to star in another movie. All we ask is don’t forget Stardom Chance if you become the next Brad Pitt or Salma Hayek!

How will I learn if I am selected or not?

For lead actor/actress categories, you will know from the Reality TV Show “in real time.” For all other categories, one of our Stardom Chance team members will call you. Yes, we did say “call” (old fashioned telephone calls can be good) and you can expect a call within 6 to 8 weeks after the 2,500 registrations are reached. We will let you know that you have been selected for whatever position you submitted for. It is always a pleasure for us to deliver the exciting news! We truly can’t wait!

How do you base your decision on the script and who makes that call?

The answer is 100% subjective. The biggest names in Hollywood and some of the largest studios have passed on some of the greatest screenplays that eventually did get made while also “green lighting” some of the worst screenplays we have all seen. So, what is the definition of an “expert” in this regard? Stardom Chance is the people’s site, and regular people (although with experience) will “make the call.” See our Board of Advisors for some of our people who will be involved.

How do I know you're not taking my $99 and going off to Hawaii or buying a new Bentley?

All the money collected from registrations goes into an escrow account governed by our legal counsel and monies get disbursed only after Stardom Chance declares we are making a movie.

Do you have to have 2,500 registrations to make a movie?

No, Stardom Chance reserves the right to make a movie whenever we feel ready, but our stated goal is 2,500 registrants. Now understand what that means, if we make a movie with 1,000 registrations, then your odds just went up by 2.5 times in every category. If only 100 people applied to be the lead actress in the movie, your odds are 1 in 100. We wish we could make a movie every 20 registrations, but we need a certain amount of money to make each movie happen.

Do I own any part of this movie?

Yes! This is the ONLY movie company in the world with the following two claims…If you can’t tell, we love being FIRST. First, we will share our gross revenues with ALL the cast and crew in a breakdown. Yes, we did say, “ALL.” 10% of the film’s gross will be earmarked to our cast and crew. 50% of the (10%) allocated gross will be allocated and split amongst the lead actor and actress, writer and director. 25% to supporting actors, DP, composer, editor and AD, and 25% to all remaining cast and crew as well as the extras. Our second “First” in this regard is that the 10% is based upon the gross revenues, not based upon final Net Profits with creative Hollywood Accounting. You won’t find another film production company that will do this with even the non-union cast, crew and vendors! Boom! You’re welcome!

Are you guys really going to make a real movie?

We absolutely are! Once Stardom Chance has 2,500 registrations (or less), we will select a script from the entries, obviously a script that can be made into a movie on a cash budget of $500,000 (up to $1 million including potential sponsorships, incentives, tax credits, etc.). After the script is selected, we will select the most talented director, cast and crew and soon after that start pre production.

Am I receiving something even if I'm not selected?

Yes, you will be able to purchase an NFT for your category that is exclusive, limited, and we believe will be very valuable. For example, if your category has a total of 250 allowable submissions, there will ONLY be 250 exclusive and limited NFT’s in that category for that film forever. If the movie does well, if a celebrity appears in it that drives even further audience draw, who knows the value it will have? You will own that NFT as part of this process if you wish to. Each registrant will also receive an invite to the film’s wrap party and red-carpet premiere (even though you’ll have to pay your own way). Ever have that access in any scenario in any contest submission before? You may also be considered for being an extra on the film (if you have any interest). You will also get a discount on social network platform fees and access to any future workshops Stardom Chance may offer in the future which we hope will include key cast and crew members from the film you registered and applied for. Stardom Chance truly wants each and every one of you to make it on the big screen. And we shall do whatever we can on our end to support your dreams and make them a reality.

What are my odds of being selected?

We love this question. There are 7.5 billion people in the world today. How many unknown actors get to be the leading man or woman in a feature length movie? How many get to see their script selected, financed and produced into a finished motion picture and then shown to the world? One in a million? 10 Million? Instead of writing some long-winded verbiage, we’ll just let this table (showing actors and ALL other Stardom Chance categories) speak to your exact odds.

Category Exact Odds of Being Selected
Lead Actor/Actress 1 in 150
Screenwriter 1 in 300
Director 1 in 300
Supporting Actor/Actress 1 in 250
Second Supporting Actor/Actress 1 in 250
Comic Book Character 1 in 100
Music Score Composer 1 in 200
All Other Positions 200 Total

We take the odds down from 1 in millions (conservatively 1 in 500,000-1MM) all the way down to 1 in 300 or 1 in 150. What are you waiting for? See you in the movies!

Writers FAQ's

What do I win if my script is selected?

Stardom Chance guarantees that the winner will have his or her script fully funded and produced into a feature length movie and additionally receive the following:
a. Full Screen “above the line” opening credit in the movie
b. 1.25% gross revenues from the film in perpetuity
c. $2,500 upon breaking production escrow and received your signed agreement
d. Tickets to the wrap party and red-carpet movie premiere
e. NFT (limited edition) of this genre, 1 of ONLY 300 forever for this movie f. Laurels, accolades, mentions on our Community Board, in press releases, etc

Who is going to read my script and what happens after I submit it?

A panel of reviewers hired by Stardom Chance which will include a mix of advisory board members, film professionals and film students (all with knowledge of screenwriting). The review process will be executed into 300 submissions or less and one of those scripts will be selected, based SOLELY on the strength of the script, period.

How long will it take once I submit my script to where the winners are notified?

After all 2,500 submissions have been received across all categories, the person who submitted the winning screenplay will be notified within 6 – 8 weeks. Stardom Chance will also notify the 2nd and 3rdrunner up that you will have those bragging rights and laurels that you too are a Stardom Chance “winner”. The top screenplay selected after going through the vetting process will be the one that gets funded and produced into a feature length movie!

What would you suggest if I turn in my script and don’t get selected?

Great question. The “greats” in our history (Colonel Sanders, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison and many more) almost never made it on a first try. More recently, even Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. They were relentless. Edison had over a 1000 failures on the light bulb. Sanders was turned down, coincidentally, over 1000 times on his chicken….imagine that…over 1000 “no’s”. But, they never gave up, ever! We suggest you take the advice given you from our team and parley it into a better script and try again, and again…each film submission will have a discounted cost, carry an NFT which has the potential to increase GREATLY in value, and each is your best opportunity in a very tough world to see your work on the silver screen. We know there are incredible scripts out there. We can’t wait to see what you have created. We believe in you!!

Directors FAQ's

If I’m selected, will my name be credited as Director of this movie?

Yes, the selected Director will get a full “above the line” opening screen credit. Even though we expect most registrants will NOT be members of the Directors Guild, Stardom Chance will follow the DGA guidelines for placement of your name on the opening and closing credits of the actual movie, on the poster, and on all key art. The selected Director’s name will also be submitted for an IMDB credit as well. You go, guys!

I understand I’m submitting into a very limited pool of registrants (only 299 other potential directors). Is that correct?

You may get lucky and have even less than that number, but as per our process, the number in the Director’s category CANNOT exceed 300. You will have a 1 in 300 chance or possibly better odds! How do you like them apples?

What else do I get if I win this category as Director?

Always asking for more! That’s okay! Special NFT of your category exclusive and limited offer. 1.25% of the gross revenue of the film in perpetuity. Credit as the Director (as outlined above). You will also receive payment as a Director for Hire by Stardom Chance, LLC and you will also receive an offer of Representation from the Stardom Talent, Inc Enterprise Company which could help launch your directing career. Payment will depend on the final screenplay selected which would determine the final number of prep days and shooting days.

What are my requirements to be selected?

Only talent. Check the submission portal and you will see a few items Stardom Chance requires to be considered such as a Director’s reel. However, if you have never directed a single project (like a short film, a music video, a video game or a web series) we’d rather NOT take your $99 registration fee. We suggest that you go back out there (even with your i-Phone) and direct a few short videos and/or films. Stardom Chance will be here next year and we will have new film project opportunities for you to submit to again once you build up your resume. A performance reel is a requirement.

Actors/Actresses FAQ's

How is the selection process done? Who decides?

Stardom Chance has a relationship with several top-rated film schools and we use their students along with our own film experts for the audition review process. We look at your trailers, your headshot, resume, all of it. The casting process is subjective, but if you have that “Star” quality, we believe that we will see it. Honestly, the “Hollywood experts” turned down Arnold Schwartzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Vin Diesel, Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Anniston (just to name a few), so many more early in their careers and were ALL proven wrong, You think?…so we don’t put a lot of credence in “experts” for that very reason. But we rely on people who are immersed in film and the industry, who love movies and enjoy the casting process like we do, and who have a real passion for being involved. By the way, the “experts” also summarily turned down Star Trek, the greatest cult show of all time given the amount of ancillary shows spun off, the Trekkies’ conventions, the global millions of fans, and so much more. Don’t get us started on the “experts”.

If I am selected, what happens then?

You will be notified by phone and Stardom Chance will send out a formal offer in writing. Dates of filming and everything will be explained at that time. Stardom Chance will pay your way to the set, put you up in a hotel, pay ALL your food (while working or “on set”). You will receive an “above the line” screen credit as the lead actor/actress and you will also receive an offer of representation to be represented by Stardom Talent Agency, Inc. In addition, and this is so cool…you will receive 1.25% of the gross revenues of the film you are starring in in perpetuity. That means “Forever!” Boom!

Can I apply more than once?

Not for the same position or category, but you can apply for up to two (2) different positions individually. For example, you can apply for lead actor/lead actress and supporting actor/actress in two separate registrations. We want to democratize Hollywood, to be the great equalizer and to give EVERYONE who has talent a fair and honest shot at making it to the big screen! Of course, you can apply again for the next Stardom Chance movie.

What do I get if I do NOT get selected?

A chance to buy an NFT in your category that could be worth a lot of money someday—limited edition, of course, limited to 150 and NEVER any more. Honorable screen mention in the end credits of the movie. Invite to wrap party and red-carpet premiere. Now, seriously, have you ever tried for a role anywhere and received that? We really would like to know. Discount access to stardom crypto and FUTURE NFT’s. Access to workshops and celebrity mixers we plan on having in the future throughout the year and online. And a membership on our social platform once launched, with discounts. In addition, you will receive discount privileges to future registrations.

Music Composer FAQ's

I'm a music composer and I’d like to know what this is and how do I get access to it and showcase my talent?

The short answer is we marry your music to the film and put your name on the screen, if selected and we both gain from the mutual relationship.

I need to know the script I am composing for. How do I get this?

Of course, and you will. Once we make a selection, we broadcast it everywhere we can…to all the outlets. Then you study it, if it makes sense and you think you can compose something great for our theme and subject…awesome. Send us your music.

What do I get if selected?

Your music in our film, wherever it makes sense, of course. You receive a chance to purchase an NFT on your category, 200 of which are made and only 200 forever, a full screen credit in the beginning as per Hollywood musician rights dictate, .42 of 1% of the gross revenues of the film in perpetuity….invited to the Wrap Party and the Premiere, and we promise to make a big deal of you on our Community Board and in other cool ways as we will promote you throughout our Stardom ecosystem.

Is there anything like this out there today for me and my talent? What are my odds of being selected?

No greater than 1 in 200, ever, and we honestly don’t know of anything. You tell us. You have a 1 in 200 chance of having YOUR music put up on the silver screen.