Abdeloahed Tassahal

Abstract Artist, UAE

Abdeloahed is an artist from the UAE who specialises in abstract and fictional art. Each of his paintings has a dream, vision or story behind them.

He has recently won a number of international awards in Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama

About Abdeloahed
Born in the city of Agadir, Morocco on the 1/1/1974, I moved to the United Arab Emirates with my family in 1985. I studied in the Emirates at Al Khazna School where my art teacher discovered my artistic talent and since then, art is everything in my life.

I took part in an art course at the Cultural Foundation Al-Marsam, Al-Free in Abu Dhabi in 1996. This increased my love of art and painting and I have since been trying to achieve my dream of becoming a well-known artist and for the world to see and enjoy my paintings.

I have participated in international art exhibitions, including the International Expo Spain, the International Parachute Exhibition in Costa Rica and International Exhibitions in Mexico in Panama.

NFT Project Details
Abdeloahed we will be launching a number NFT projects in 2022 including:
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  • Project 3: ‘Blue Cat’ & ‘Don’t Change’ Painting Auction
  • Project 4: Abdeloahed Tassahal Full NFT Collection (TBC)
  • Project 5: Abdeloahed Tassahal Gallery & Virtual Galley Exhibition
We expect Abdeloahed’s physical paintings to attract a lot of attention, so these early NFTs could become serious collectors items.
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