Digital Collectibles (NFTs) eCommerce App

The NFT Workx “Digital Collectibles” eCommerce App has been designed to do the following:
  • Automatically Create Digital Collectibles of Physical Products
  • Protect Brand Intellectual Property & Combat Counterfeiting
  • Seamlessly Integrates with your eCommerce platform

The Problem

There is a lack of understanding for both brands, creators and consumers when it comes to Digital Collectibles (NFTs) which create barriers to entry for the mass market. The majority of NFTs are focused purely on digital art with a disconnect from physical goods.

NFTs are mainly purchased on NFT marketplaces which are separate from the brands/creators website, are often complicated, and used predominantly by crypto natives.

There is a significant lack of automation in the process of connecting digital collectibles with their physical item, and the process of transferring it to the buyer.

The Solution:

The NFT Workx eCommerce Apps are designed to work with the most popular eCommerce systems such as Shopify / WooCommerce / Magento etc.

Brands/Creators simply sign up and install the app plug-in via the relevant app store and configure the digital collectible settings accordingly.

The app will be seamlessly integrated at check out – enabling customers to choose if they want to purchase/claim the digital collectible.

When a digital collectible is selected, the image of the product will be used for the digital collectible along with an element of rarity which could include different colour/designs of the background and/or a unique edition number.

The buyer will be prompted to enter their wallet address to facilitate the transfer of the digital collectible after purchase. If no wallet is available the user is still able to purchase the digital collectible but it will not be minted as an NFT but as a Web2 collectible, that can be converted at a later date via the Asset Workx phone app once the user has a wallet.

On completion of the purchase the buyer will receive an email confirming the purchase/claim of the digital collectible and will be prompted to download/install the Asset Workx phone app so they can view the item.


  • No Web3 technical expertise required
  • Help to protect brand intellectual property
  • Create an additional revenue streams
  • Engage with younger generations
  • Provide a seamless and familiar experience


  • No cryptocurrency or wallet required to purchase
  • Concept of a Digital Collectible is easier to understand
  • Digital Collectible is also a receipt/proof of purchase
  • Digital Collectible can be ‘worn’ in the Metaverse
  • Ability to trade/transfer/sell Digital Collectibles

Register Your Interest

If you are interested in selling Digital Collectibles of your products and being at the cutting edge of this new technology, but with very few barriers to market then please register your details below to be notified of when the system will be ready.